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Mathematician, Data Scientist, Teacher


My proclivity and ability lies in the application of mathematics, statistics, and computer science to the solution of various business problems. In particular, I have chosen to focus on the insurance industry. I currently work in the data science division of MedPro Group where I research and build generalized linear and neural network models to address operational challenges, reserving, and aid in the setting of rate relativities. I hold a PH.D in pure mathematics and the ACAS designation from the Casualty Actuarial Society. I have recently been focusing my research on the application of theoretical mathematics to predictive analytics. This has led to increased model precision while retaining model perspicuity. In general, I am always looking to expand my set of techniques and my industry knowledge.

Previously, I taught undergraduate mathematics courses for over six years. The content of these courses ranged from freshman mathematics to abstract algebra. I have produced original, published research in pure and actuarial mathematics. Finally, I have also been the heavy metal director at a radio station, a programmer in IT, and an analyst in the retail industry.